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Solve complex technology problems critical to our National Security with a team of Computer Science and Communication, Business, Health and Criminal Justice Students with interest in Project Startup and Problem Solving.

In a crisis, national security initiatives move at the speed of a startup yet in peacetime they default to decades-long acquisition and procurement cycles. Startups operate with continual speed and urgency 24/7. Over the last few years, they’ve learned how to be not only fast but extremely efficient with resources and time using lean startup methodologies. In this class, student teams develop technology solutions to help solve important national security problems. Student teams take actual national security problems and learn how to apply the Lean launchpad and Lean Startup principles, (“business model canvas,” “customer development,” and “agile engineering”) to discover and validate customer needs and to continually build iterative prototypes to test whether they understood the problem and solution. Teams take a hands-on approach requiring close engagement with an actual military, Department of Defense and other government agency end-users. Team applications required. Limited enrollment.

Join the H4D information mailing list and sign up to join a team by applying on our Applications page or emailing any of our TA’s for information. If you have a team already formed simply email appropriate information to TA for team members. Registration will be Permission Only so please apply and await approval before attempting to register. You can also view us at our Facebook page, and join our Facebook Group.



Key Dates

 1st Brown Bag Lunch – Apr 12, 1600-1800, TEC RM 331
2nd Brown Bag Lunch – Apr 27, 1600-2800, SCH RM 1015
Info Session 1 –Apr 12, 1600-1800, TEC RM 331

Info Session 2  – Apr 27, 1600-1800, SCH RM 1015
Extra Team Formation Mixer  – May 17, 24, 31 
1500-1700,  SCIANNA HALL  RM 1040


Course Title: IDS 460 & 560 Hacking for Defense: Solving National Security Issues with the Lean Launchpad

Instructors: Dan DeMott, Henry Jones

Course Advisor: TBD


  • Jeremy Nall(jeremy.nall@usm.edu)
  • TEC RM 251 Bobby-Chain  Office Hours M/T/TH 8-11
  • Lachelle Holmes(lachelle.holmes@usm.edu)
  • TEC RM 251 Bobby-Chain Office Hours W/F 8-12
  • Daniel Glover(daniel.glover@usm.edu)
  • IC RM 413  International Building Office Hours M 11-3/T 9:30-5

Class details: Summer 2017, June 5th – July 26th
Mon -Wed 4:15 PM – 6:45 PM 

Application: Application will be through the Hacking4Defense.st.usm.edu website or through email to jeremy.nall@usm.edu.