Team Targaryen

Our team:

Kyla Regan, Robert McGrath, Tyler Simmons

The job to be done is to create a virtual reality to simulate combat. The product is targeting a European audience for training and recruiting. The data discovered will further increase methods to lessen anxiety and stress when under pressure for a better response. Along with this we are discovering the appropriate security system to exchange data.

Army Cyber Command Nathan Todd


  • To target, identify and solve the the problem at hand
  • Is it PTSD
  • Getting ready for war?
  • Training simulation


  • Not meeting the expectations of the client
  • Information leak
  • Is it for a stationary or mobil usage


  • Virtual reality for cognitive reactions
  • VR glasses and Screen
  • recruiting and engaging the european crowd

Product services

  • Rapid responses
  • Targeting European audience for recruiting and training

Gain creators

  • High quality virtual reality
  • secure network to exchange data

Pain Relievers

  • 360 wrap around screen
  • 360 treadmill / shoes for device
  • Unity Software for virtual reality

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  1. Profile photo of dan demott dan demott says:

    Good Start, interview, interview, I can’t wait to hear what you learned in a week.

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