Week One Complete!

Week one in the books, 3 teams, 4 problems, 3 presentations.

What can we offer to all the teams as constructive criticism, use the templates provided, take notes,  use a graphic, charts, and other media to support your solution? This next week is about customer/beneficiary discovery and what questions should we ask them? My suggestion is or my answer to the question is, what is the problem and who are we solving it for?

Sponsor Questions:

  1. Ask the problem sponsor how did the problem arise, where did it come from?
  2. Who will receive the most benefit if our team can provide a solution?
  3. Is this problem seen in other federal agencies?
  4. What is currently being used?
  5. Is there a commercial application?
  6. Can you introduce us to the people who have this problem?
  7. Is there support through the chain-of-command?
  8. What is your vision of the solution?
  9. What is your goal for this project?
  10. If there is one thing you like to accomplish over the next 7 weeks, what would that be?

Beneficiary Questions:

  1. The problem explained, is it an actual problem you deal with?
  2. How does the problem impact your mission?
  3. How do you currently work around the problem?
  4. What are your ideas concerning the problem?
  5. Who else has the same or similar problem you are aware of?
  6. Is it possible for the team to visit someone in Mississippi or Gulf Coast region we can visit with, to discuss the problem and possible solution?
  7. Are there other items that add to the problem, if so what are they?
  8. What do you believe to be the solution to the problem?
  9. Can you introduce the team to others who have the same problem or similar?
  10. If we can provide a solution would you help test it and provide feedback?

These questions will evolve over time, be specific in your questions, if you do not understand, ask them to explain! Remember if they give you a rank address them by that rank until told not too! My example in my military days I was a Sergeant First Class (SFC/E7) you would address me as Sergeant First Class DeMott or Sergeant DeMott, if not sure of the rank than always address as Sir or Mam!

If you have a question please ask, we will see you all on Monday.

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