Team Drone Busters Week 2

This week we learned that we have a large problem that has to be worked around, Bureaucracy and hierarchal structures. The proposed original solution of delivering large pay loads over large distances would be best suited to deliver upstream supplies to the downstream marines in the field. The current issue is that the USMC will not allow an individual marine or even a fire team leader to have that kind of autonomy.

The current proposed solution is to focus on small scale from the platoon level to the fire team level. The fire team leader will be able to use the lighter marine wearable to request supplies and then assuming that supplies are available a the platoon level the cargo delivery system will then deliver the supplies to the fire team in the field.

This changes last weeks proposal in several ways. The field where the mission takes place can vary immensely which would require us to double back on our efforts and refocus on land and marine based delivery systems. This change will also allow us to focus on delivering small payloads such as 50 pounds instead of the previous 300 pound proposal.

This also opens up the following questions. We need to spend more time talking to marines that go into the field on missions instead of the marines who spend their time in the office. We need to find out what they believe their largest supply needs are, and find out if 50 pounds would be enough weight to delivery the necessary goods. We also need to find out how much weight is carried into the field on a just in case basis in order to figure out how much lighter the marines believe that they can be.

Last week seemed like a large change in direction, but then the data from this week seems like we’re turning halfway back to our original plans.

Everything we thought is wrong or maybe it isn’t. Or maybe it is. Who knows?

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