Team Drone Busters Week 6

This week we’ve learned that we need to interview past beneficiaries to find out how to fit the SKYSHARK to the commercial sector. This includes interviewing truck-drivers and individuals who are familiar with the manufacturing and shipping processes. We also have plans to do a severe remodeling of our Mission Model Canvas. Many of the ideas are outdated and need to be removed or updated completely. This includes a complete change in our Value Proposition Canvases as well.

We’re starting to explore different commercial applications that could fit into the smart cities space. The concept of smart cities is to make everyone more connected ultimately. One concept is to deliver emergency aid to remote locations such as logging locations, remote research camps, and hikers.

We also talked to a beneficiary for CASCOM who is writing the requirements for the JTAARS contract and he helped us nail down our system specs. They’re interested in delivering platoon relevant cargo which is ~300-800 pounds over a distance of 10KM to 100KM. This helped us realize that we needed to focus on delivering for a distance of 50KM.

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